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Midbrain  Activation

The process of activating all of the human being's senses is known as midbrain activation. According to scientific studies, less than 6% of a person's mental capacity is used when they are at their most alert. It demonstrates how outstanding a person could be with more application.

The left and right sides of the human brain must be in harmony for the right and left brains to function at their best. In order for children to be able to perform tasks with their eyes closed, blindfold activation involves adjusting the left and right brains to activate their respective functionalities and activating the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing.

Technology refers to this extraordinary mental force as "Parapsychological capacity." Each infant possesses this skill. With their eyes closed, kids can perform a variety of tasks. This can be anything from recognizing a card or color to reading and analyzing a newspaper or ebook to finding a few hidden factors on the back of a door to playing a computer game.

Benefits of Midbrain Activation

➡️Balances left & right brain.
➡️Develops blindfold abilities (Like reading, writing, painting, etc.)
➡️Develops concentration and confidence.
➡️Improves memory & creativity.
➡️Makes one emotionally stable and balanced.
➡️Improves speed of reading.
➡️Improves performance in sports &extra curricular activities.